Why Vladivostok?

Vostok Projects believes Vladivostok, the capital of Russia’s Far East Federal District, can be not only a hub for industrial investment and trade, but a comfortable cosmopolitan city to attract new residents.

It has capacity for developers to build new secure residential communities where managers of new Free Port of Vladivostok resident companies and SEZ’s can be comfortable with their families; hotels for visitors and venues for small and medium sized conferences to augment the facilities of FEFU on Russky Island.

Of course, this target audience will require international standard schools and medical facilities. In this respect, we are pleased to learn that Brooke International Baccalaureate School is in discussions to open its third campus in Russia, after St Petersburg and Moscow.

The tax incentives offered through The Vladivostok Free Port development SEZ have spurred business activity in the region.

Flight Times

Moscow to Vladivostok 8 hours 30 minutes London to Moscow 3 hours 45 minutes Vladivostok to Seoul 2 hours 5 minutes Vladivostok to Harbin 1 hour 20 minutes Vladivostok to Tokyo 2 hours 35 minutes Vladivostok to Hong Kong 4 hours 45 minutes Vladivostok to Beijing 2 hours 55 minutes

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