Vostok Marketing Limited offers Micro investors 25% return

Our major development costs of residential and hotel developments in the Russian Far East, including planning, construction and marketing are guaranteed up to £150 million by an international finance company operating in 20 countries. In order to complete the detailed costings, cashflow and balance sheets necessary to negotiate the release of funding under the guarantee from financial institutions we require bridging finance of £25,000.

Accordingly I am offering micro investments in units of £1,000 with a maximum investment per investor limited to £25,000 through the UK company, Vostok Marketing Limited (Co Reg No 11760090). We already have five micro investors and to broaden the appeal of the offer we are accepting pledges of instalment with the minimum first payment of £500. Redemption will be within a maximum of 30 days from drawdown of the main project development financing.

The “micro-investors” will be treated as the equivalent of debenture holders.

At the point of redemption they may choose from:

a. cash redemption with 30% profit on their investment
b. Conversion with the 30% profit into shares of Vostok Capital Limited

ALL shareholders will enjoy major privileges over and above monetary returns.

For details of the projects in Vladivostok Area please e-mail john@vostokprojects.com

Watch short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIb7KA8–os&t=4s

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