Vostok Group consolidates, expands core management team

As a result of consultation with a wide range of potential investors and bankers to the group entities focussed on Vostok Projects in Vladivostok and Vostok Capital in Hong Kong, with immediate effect we are suspending all previously offered sales of shares and debentures in Vostok Capital. Following a professional review a consolidated corporate structure will be announced, an interim management board appointed and revised financial initiatives offered to parties by personal invitation only.

I am excited by the potential of working with both a former Morgan Stanley VP and a former Senior Associate Director of KPMG to steer us through strategic fundraising and an IPO on the HKEX GEM.

As of 2018 Hong Kong is the world leader in IPO’s. The city saw 125 companies raise US$36.5 billion, the highest since 2010, according to Refinitiv data (formerly known as Thomson-Reuters).

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