Flight Times

Moscow to Vladivostok 8 hours 30 minutes London to Moscow 3 hours 45 minutes Vladivostok to Seoul 2 hours 5 minutes Vladivostok to Harbin 1 hour 20 minutes Vladivostok to Tokyo 2 hours 35 minutes Vladivostok to Hong Kong 4 hours 45 minutes Vladivostok to Beijing 2 hours 55 minutes

Potted history

As the home of the Soviet Pacific Fleet Vladivostok was a closed city, with a permit process for all non-residents to enter, until 1991. There was a brief break for the 2-day summit of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and US President Gerald Ford in November 1974 to sign arms limitation agreement. The Maritime Province, as …

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Why Vladivostok?

Vostok Projects believes Vladivostok, the capital of Russia’s Far East Federal District, can be not only a hub for industrial investment and trade, but a comfortable cosmopolitan city to attract new residents. It has capacity for developers to build new secure residential communities where managers of new Free Port of Vladivostok resident companies and SEZ’s …

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Forgotten Europe

Most residents of London, Paris and Berlin do not know that Vladivostok is closer to Seoul, Beijingand Tokyo than it is to the Russian capital Moscow. Vladivostok is forgotten as a Euoropean city. It iswidely though of as an Asian city. However the 610,000 round the year inhabitants are mostly ethnicRussians who trace their parents …

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Большинство жителей Лондона, Парижа или Берлина не подозревают, что Владивостокближе к Сеулу, Пекину или Токио, чем к российской столице Москве. Владивосток позабыткак европейский город и широко воспринимается как азиатский. Однако, этнически 610тысячное население в большинстве своем – русские, чьи отцы и деды переселялись изгородов, поселков и деревень к западу от Урала, считающие себя европейцами. Здания …


Prague Forum garners media brains from around the world

I was honoured to attend the Media Forum 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic last week. I was representing the Westminster Russia Forum and was the only British delegate among the one hundred or so international invitees. There were editors and publishers of Diplomatic and International Relations magazines, academics, political scientists and international relations organisations from …

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