Martin Skinner appointed non-executive chairman of Vostok Capital

Martin Skinner, CEO Inspired Asset Management Company
Vostok Capital Limited is pleased to announce that Martin Skinner has been appointed non-executive chairman of the company, which through its associated company OOO Vostok Projects is developing high quality residential and hospitality projects in the Vladivostok area of Russia.
Martin Skinner has pioneered the concept of micro-living in the UK and along the way built a £660-million property portfolio for his Mayfair-headquartered Inspired Asset Management company and its associated Inspired Homes brand.

“Martin is a leading proponent of micro-living in the UK and his experience has international ramifications,” said Vostok founder and CEO John Bonar. “At a time when local housing construction is undergoing a renewed focus on catering to first-time young professional buyers his experience of this in the UK will help us Russia.”

“Vostok has sound business planning. The company aims to make good returns for investors while committing to environmentally sound construction and providing social amenities for its customers”, Skinner said.
He added: “Russia has one of the most unaffordable property markets in the world presenting an enormous opportunity to successfully implement the micro living concepts that we have been developing here in the UK.”
Established in 2012, Inspired is now regarded as a market leader in commercial-to-residential conversions and specialists in micro-living, delivering over 1,000 units to date with many more in the pipeline. With it, Inspired has established a strong track record in creating high quality homes for first-time buyers and young professional renters, often seeking opportunities in emerging, uncharted locations. Their housing projects comprise a mix of “compact living” (self-contained smaller homes) for sale or rent; shared living (house/ flat shares) for rent; and co-living (managed purpose-built developments with shared amenity space) for rent.
Vostok Projects is the only British-owned company to have been granted resident status in the Free Port of Vladivostok area in Russia’s Far East. The acceptance by the Far East Development Ministry gives the company significant tax concessions and access to speeded up administrative procedures.
The company has committed to around £100 million in capital investment in the Far East maritime zone of Russia.

For more information contact
John Bonar
Vostok Capital Limited
+44 7730006533

Alexei Ghavami
Marketing Manager
Inspired Asset Management
M: +44 (0) 7957 770865

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