Forgotten Europe

Most residents of London, Paris and Berlin do not know that Vladivostok is closer to Seoul, Beijing
and Tokyo than it is to the Russian capital Moscow. Vladivostok is forgotten as a Euoropean city. It is
widely though of as an Asian city. However the 610,000 round the year inhabitants are mostly ethnic
Russians who trace their parents and grandparents to cities, towns and villages west of the Urals.
They consider themselves European. Most of the buildings have European character and
overwhelmingly the population feels themselves to be European.

This has made Vladivostok and the Primorsky Krai area a new tourism destination for much of Asia
and the population of the neighbouring countries a market for goods and services. A targeted
campaign towards increasing travel to Vladivostok over 10 years saw the number of Koreans visiting
Vladivostok exceed 226,000 in 2018. Powered by a slogan the  closest European city to Korea”and
backed by Reality TV shows which broadcast segments filmed in the city with popular hosts the
perception of the city was changed.

Vostok Projects believe the same type of slogans will appeal to Chinese and Japanese middle class
independent tourists as well. The city already has a range of restaurants which make it a gourmet
attraction but there is scope for more.

On the economic front, incentives and other benefits of establishing a business in the Free Port of
Vladivostok or the Special Economic Zones makes good economic sense. Since its inception in July
2015 the Free Port has gained over 2,000 registered business residents and more are on the way


Vladivostok City (1) Credit: Russian Information Centre
Vladivostok City Credit: Russian Information Centre
Kamchatka Crab Legs Credit: Russia Behind the Headlines
Juicy Hamburgers Credit: Sweet Cow
Juicy Hamburgers Credit: Sweet Cow
Local Nibbles Credit: Vostok Projects
Local Nibbles Credit: Vostok Projects
Korean Tourists in Vladivostok

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