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How are we uniquely placed to capitalise?

The team has significant local and international recognition as leaders in their field. Understanding the limitations of our experience we seek close partnerships with best of breed partners. 

The trouble with Russia

  • Russia is mired in political tensions with the west
  • Companies and selected individual businessmen are subjected to sanctions
  • The western press are hostile and believe the country is faced with economic
  • Ruble has tumbled in value

But the East is open for business with Russia!


Russia is in north eastern Europe and northern Asia. It is the largest country in the
world—slightly less than 1.8 times the size of the United States, with a total area of
17,075,200  sq km  (6,592,771 sq mi). The country spans 11 time zones from the borders with
EU in the west to the northern Pacific Ocean in the east. There are over 144 million Russians
and it was the world’s sixth-largest global economy in 2017, in a World Bank ranking that
adjusts GDP for price differences among countries (purchasing power parity).

Vladivostok on the move

Since 2012 Vladivostok has rejuvenated with a new vigour:

  •  Since 2015 a Special Economic Zone, the Vladivostok Free Port offers tax and
    administrative incentives to international investors
  •  In 2015 launched an annual Eastern Economic Forum
  •  Since 2017 free e-visas for visitors from 18 countries were introduced
  •  Since 2018 it is the capital of the Far East Federal Region
  •  In 2019 inaugurated new trade routes were inaugurated, transhipping container
    traffic from China, Japan and Korea to Europe cutting shipping time by half and
    reducing costs

About Vladivostok

Vladivostok was a closed city for 70 years, home to the Soviet Pacific fleet. With five universities it is a magnet for the youth of the Far East. Built over hills surrounding the Golden Horn Bay grand avenues are graced by buildings dating to the 19 th Century that housed European and Chinese merchants. Vladivostok is Russia's window to the Asia Pacific. It is Russia’s bridge to the fastest growing economic region of the world. Vladivostok could develop from its current 600,000 population into a multi-cultural cosmopolitan city of 1 million+ inhabitants, with an international middle class population by 2030.

Why Hong Kong?

  • Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China, has:
    A sound legal framework
  • Rigorous corporate compliance
  • An efficient banking system
  • Zero taxation on offshore companies
  • Convertible currency
  • Well-qualified professional advisers

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