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How are we uniquely placed to capitalise?

The team has significant local and international recognition as leaders in their field. Understanding the limitations of our experience we seek close partnerships with best of breed partners. 


We work closely with the Vladivostok State University of
Economics and Services to conduct market research on real
estate projects.


With conservative investors in the US and Europe wary of Russian investment you are now best placed to see the biggest investment returns.


Closely involved with the local and international crypto-currency markets we are extremely well placed to utilise this technology to facilitate  property investment.

Market Research

Graduate and post-graduate students undertake detailed research projects, feasibility studies and fiscal and economic forecasting under the supervision of senior lecturers and professors.

A wealth of talent and technical expertise on tap

Our partnership with the  Vladivostok State University of
Economics and Services, the major university in Eastern Russia, ensures access to a wealth of talent. 

VSUES hosts over 17,000 students, has 68 bachelors programs,
20 masters programs, 22 Ph.D programs, and eight technical

What is Vostok Projects?

“Vostok Projects works with developers to polish their proposals to appeal to international investors and partners with developers in housing and commercial property projects as well as initiating their own projects  including landmark hotel and condominium complex on the waterfront in central Vladivsotok ”

John Bonar, Founder

Why Vladivostok?

The Chief Operating Officer of Vostok Projects is Marina Ginevskaya who comes with a distinguished background . In the run up to the 2012 APEC Summit which was pivotal in putting Vladivostok back in the national and regional consciousness she was the general director of the construction company which built the two cable span bridges which crossed the Golden Horn Bay which the city is built around and connects the Russky Island to the mainland. The Island was the site of the summit and the infrastructure that was built for it was handed over as the new campus for the 120-year old Federal University of the Far East.

The bridges are now as iconic for Vladivostok as the Golden Gate Bridge is for San Francisco.

Lobbying at all levels